We are a team passionate about helping businesses achieve their personal and business goals. Our Business coaching is geared towards helping your business gain clarity of its vision, to map a path to achieve your goals, efficiently and effectively.

Praxis in Greek means practice. And that is where our expertise lies. Practice, and not theory, will help a business thrive. So our mantra is ‘Implementation, Implementation, Implementation’. We strive to ensure that you and your team have the best opportunity of realizing your dreams.

Our expert team of dedicated and experienced coaches will work with you, to guide and advise your business, to inspire you on your transformation journey.

Learning with a smile :)

A glimpse of the passion, innovation and excitement we bring to our coaching sessions.

Authentic. Resilient. Passionate.

There is no one-size-fits-all in business coaching. Our approach is tailor made to your business and is focused on delivering the results promised.

We will be with you in each step of the transformation journey. While our commitment to you will remain strong and we will challenge you and hold you accountable for your responsibilities.

We are fuelled further by watching you succeed. We drive you to inspire. And be inspired. Our carefully curated workshops create an ideal platform for both.

Our Services

  • Advice 3.0

    This is our signature coaching and business development program that addresses the critical issuses for maximising profit and enterprise value. Our metamodel for sustainable, profitable growth is founded on:
    - Building a clear client focus and helping you and your team to always demonstrate the awesome value that you provide
    - Developing sharp processes and systems supported by a highly engaged team to deliver your offer consistently
    - Creating robust and practical management practices


  • Masterclass

    Strategic planning and growth program that ensures you continue to reap the rewards and benefits of Advice 3.0 by focusing on vision, business strategy, succession, corporate governance and an introduction to leadership.

  • AccountAbility

    We work with multi disciplined firms and, therefore, we're urged to tailor a program for accounting and business advisory businesses to propel them towards enhanced success, built on the pillars of value demonstration, genuine business advisory and effective delivery.

  • Momentum

    This program was born from our passion for people and the personal rewards from seeing our coachees stretch themselves personally and professionally. We start with a solid dose of leading yourself before we move on to leading others. That provides the foundation for leading our clients. All of this is based on the premise that if we are able to increase our own emotional bandwidth, we become much better at leading those around us. Well led people are more resilient, higher performers and happier because their skills and talents are getting airplay!